Visit Vágar is committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices. Recognising the delicate balance between tourism and environmental, social and economic conservation, Visit Vágar has implemented various initiatives aimed at minimising the negative impacts and maximising the positive impact of tourism on the local community.

Community Involvement
One of the key pillars of Visit Vágar's strategy is fostering local engagement. The organisation actively collaborates with the communities on the island, seeking their input and involvement in decision-making processes. By incorporating local perspectives, Visit Vágar ensures that tourism development aligns with the needs and values of the residents.

Local Economic Empowerment
Visit Vágar places a strong emphasis on supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. Through partnerships with local enterprises, the DMO encourages tourists to explore local authentic experiences, such as home hospitality dining, purchasing handmade crafts, and staying in locally-owned accommodations. This not only boosts the island's economy but also provides visitors with an authentic and enriching experience.

Preservation of Cultural Heritage
In collaboration with local communities, Visit Vágar works to preserve and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the region. This includes initiatives to protect and develop historical sites and support local events that showcase the unique identity of the region. By doing so, Visit Vágar ensures that tourism contributes to the preservation rather than the degradation of local culture.

Environmental Conservation
Sustainability goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility. Visit Vágar actively promotes eco-friendly practices among tourists, encouraging responsible behavior in natural areas. The organisation works closely with Visit Faroe Islands and other DMO's to implement conservation projects such as Closed For Maintenance.

Continuous Improvement
Sustainability is an ongoing commitment for Visit Vágar. The organisation has a tourism development strategy, which is rooted in the 17 sustainable development goals. Visit Vágar regularly assesses the impact of its initiatives, seeks feedback from the community, and adapts its strategies to address emerging challenges. This iterative approach ensures that Visit Vágar remains at the forefront of sustainable tourism practices.

In conclusion, Visit Vágar's dedication to sustainability and local engagement not only enhances the tourism experience but also contributes to the long-term well-being of the local communities.