Experience culture through music




In the month of May, the old quarters in Sandavágur transform into a concert venue. Or rather, a series of venues. It is the epitome of faroese culture, combining the famous faroese hospitality with music.

Húsagongd is taking the concept “live and intimate” to the extreme, when people invite visiters into their houses to enjoy a night of music and togetherness.

Because of the popularity of the events, it is of utmost importance to buy tickets way in advance. The tickets usually go for sale after xmas on www.atgongumerki.fo



Country Festival

The Country and Blues Festival is held in Sørvágur on the Faroe Islands. It is the only festival on the Faroes devoted to the musical genres of country and blues. The first Country and Blues Festival was held in 2012 on June 8th and 9th. The festival got around 2000 visitors and the feedback has been very positive. The first festival hosted the biggest names of Faroese country and blues. Two international acts also attended. Following the success of 2012, the festival turned into an annual event. For more information about the festival, visit their website.



The Faroe Islands has a very strong musical scene, which has it’s roots planted in long and old traditions when storytelling and singing was the only way to preserv the Faroese language and they did so for 300 years without a written language.

Today the strength of the Faroese music scene can be seen xxxx that it is now quite possible to set up a programme of more than  150 concerts, predominantly with local musicians and composers at an international level, and Faroese musicians are now an integrated part of the international musical scene.

In 2017, Summartónar was celebrating it’s 26th festival. Small and intimate concerts held all over the Faroe Islands from early June till late August. The concerts held in the Vágar region will be in Listastovan in Miðvágur, Music hall in Sørvágur and on the island of Mykines.


Live at Listastovan

Listastovan is a new concert venue on Vágar. In 2017, Listastovan won the award for campaign of the year at the Faroese Music Awards, for having creating a new music venue for faroese artists. This drastically increased the requests for playing at the venue, as well as the numbers of listeners. This also cleared the path for the venue to enter the nordic culture fonds collaberation Puls, which works with venues all over the nordic countries to provide a stage for nordic artists.