26 Sep
Tórshavn (capital)

International Master Class: Contemporary Circus Techniques

For dancers, actors and performers

Based on circus techniques, this workshop will look for ways of working with the body and the earth’s gravity. With individual and collective exercises we will explore various forms of static and dynamic balances, for the discovery of new sensations and the achievement of small exploits.

American, Miriam de Sela has been a circus artist since the age of 9. Her specialties have been as an acrobat and hand-to-hand flyer. French, Joël Colas is a circus artist trained at the C.N.A.C in Chalons en Champagne where he learned clowning and rope walking. Partners in life and work for over 20 years, they have toured the world together with their shows.

The ambition of this course is to have a concrete physical experience with simple principles of earths physics. A discovery or rediscovery of sensations, it is at first a quest for awareness, mental and corporal, of our possibilities and limitations. And through work, the expansion of the field of possibilities to create a new broader view and exploration. Finally, in its collective dimension, it is also an apprenticeship in building confidence in oneself and in others.


Nordic House - Norðurlandahúsið

Norðari Ringvegur
100 Tórshavn
Tórshavn (capital)


26 Sep 17:00 - 21:00