02 Mar
Tórshavn (capital)
380 DKK
Food & Drinks
History & Heritage

Faroese Dinner in a home in Tórshavn


One of the most enjoyable aspects of travelling is tasting the local food. We serve whalebeef with potatoes and vegetables and Rhubarb dessert with whipped cream
Beverages are served for a reasonable price. Water, coffee and tea is served for free.

We cook and prepare the food as it has been through ages. During the dinner, you can learn about the faroese food culture and traditions, how we prepare and provide the food. Let’s enjoy a meal together and socialize. It will be cosy (hugnaligt).

P.s. Our Cotton de Tulear has 4 cute puppies at the moment. You can hold them, if you want.



Mannbrekka 8
188 Hoyvík
Tórshavn (capital)


02 Mar 18:30


380 DKK