26 Sep
Tórshavn (capital)

How do we help children in grief?

The Faroese Cancer Society is arranging a free lecture.

When children experience the loss or the illness of a close family member, it is important to remember that the way the child grieves is not only due to the loss or the illness of a relative. The grief is also shaped by the fact that the life circumstances of the child have been turned upside down.

The child needs help from adults to cope with the changed circumstances no matter the situation. When a tragedy happens—which, unfortunately, happens far more often than we wish to think of—we cannot place all responsibility on the parents or close relatives. Numerous people need to contribute.

Given the structure of today’s society, we should also consider including adults that are around the children during the week – often for greater periods of time than the parents themselves – e.g. educators, teachers, assistants, healthcare workers, psychologists, social workers, priests etc., as well as relatives. These people can all play a fundamental role in assuring that the children receive good childhood despite grief, loss, and pain.

The lecture highlights how we can provide good support when we as adults are in contact with a child in grief. The lecturer is Per Bøge who is children- and youth leader for the Danish Cancer Society.

The lecture will take place in the Nordic House on Monday the 26th of September at 7 PM-9:30 PM. There will be a break halfway through the lecture.


Nordic House - Norðurlandahúsið

Norðari Ringvegur
100 Tórshavn
Tórshavn (capital)


26 Sep 19:00 - 21:30