07 Aug
150 DKK

Jorden i mig (The Earth in Me)


Marianne Sihvonen, flutes
Alvi Joensen, guitars

Inte stor plats på jorden (Not a big place on earth)
Jorden Stor plats (The Earth Big place)
i mig (in me)

– by Swedish eco poet, Jonas Gren.

The poem puts human life here on earth in perspective with few words. The earth does not have an emotional connection to us, but for us the earth is our home. We all have our doubts and worries about what will happen to our home if we keep on going and living like this. How have we affected the earth? How are the effects seen differently in our ever so various and sensitive Nordic nature? These questions will be answered through music by five Nordic composers from different countries and different stages of life. Every composer expresses their own concern about one environmental challenge, which their home country is facing.

HΛV is a flute and guitar duo, which consists of the Finnish flutist Marianne Sihvonen and the Faroese guitarist Alvi Joensen. The duo focuses on addressing and processing environmental issues through newly written music.

Funded by:
Nordic Culture Foundation
The Swedish Culture Foundation (FI)
The Arts Council (SE)
The Culture Foundation for Sweden and Finland
The Center for Arts Promotion (FI)
Sibelius Academy of the Arts (FI)


The Culture House in Fuglafjørður

Karvatoftir 5
530 Fuglafjørður


07 Aug


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