Guided boat tours in Eiði


Authentic experiences in traditional boats

These guided boat tours are optimal for small groups and families who enjoy active travel. There are only up to 5 tickets sold to each tour. The duration of the tour is 3,5 hours. You sail in a traditional Faroese boat, the utmost of Faroese handicraft.

When you meet us at the Eiði marina we bring floatation suits, boots and fishing gear, so all you need to bring is a camera!

You set out from the marina of Eiði on the north of Eysturoy. You sail by the western coastline of the Eiðiskollur peninsula. The area is fenced by stunning natural scenery. You sail by gorges and grottoes and, weather permitting, you sail towards the monumental “Risin og Kellingin” (The Giant and the Hag). You hear the legend of these iconic sea stacks.

In this natural amphitheatre you try your fishing luck. Located close to the spawning grounds of the north atlantic cod, the area is known for good fishing. Typical fish you may encounter are Atlantic Cod, Haddock and Saithe. Should you be blessed with a catch, you get to take the fish home with you to prepare for a wonderful meal.

You sail across the golf towards the bay of Tjørnuvík. The history of this picturesque village by the blacksand beach dates back to Viking times. You learn about these early settlers. From Tjørnuvík you follow the coastline of Streymoy southwards before heading back to the Eiði marina.

For more information on our tours and for online booking please visit the website See our schedule for guided boat tours and fishing trips in several fiords in the Faroe Islands.


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