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Oda Andreasen

Go Local
Local guide living on Mykines.

Sustainable travel with respect of nature, wildlife
and the local people.
Various tours on Mykines, including B&B accommodation
and meals.
Tailormade tours upon request in both Vágar and Mykines.

Speaks Scandinavian, English and German.

E-mail: booking@golocal.fo
Phone: +298 285597

Sólja F. Jóanisdóttir

Faroe Adventures
Certified Faroese guide

Local guide with extensive knowledge of the area. All kinds of tours both in Vágar and Mykines.

Speaks English, Scandinavian, Icelandic

E-mail: solja@olivant.fo
Phone: +298 773333

Randi Meitil

Faroe Trekking
Tour guide and tour organizer

Hiking tours both in Vágar and Mykines, storytelling, sightseeing, guide on bus tours, driver guide and more.
Speaks English, Spanish, French, German, Danish, Norwegian, "blandinaviskt" and of course Faroese.

E-mail: randimeitil@gmail.com
Phone: +298 289818

Hervør Joensen

Local guide in Mykines.

Offers hiking tours in Mykines. Guided tours in the village, visit the church and historic sites. Packed lunchboxes with homemade Faroese specialties.

Speaks English, Icelandic and Scandinavian.

E-mail: hervor.o@gmail.com
Phone: +298 287063

Jóhannus Hansen

Reika Adventures
Qualified climbing instructor

Tours for the more adventurous traveller. Whilst hiking plays a central role, the hikes are more challenging and usually require some climbing. The tours also include rapelling, sailing or exploration of gorges - also open to tailor a tour to fit your requirements.

E-mail: reika@reika.fo
Phone number: +298 267900

Búi Tórgarð Brattaberg

Local guide on Mykines

Hikes on the island and historic walks in the village.
Speaks English and Scandinavian.

E-mail: bb1704x5@skulin.fo
Phone: +298 210988

Mikkjal N. J. Olsen

Certified Faroese Guide

All kinds of tours both in Vágar and Mykines.
Speaks English and Scandinavian.

E-mail: mikkjalo@gmail.com
Phone: +298 750500

Heini Heinesen

Local guide on Mykines

Born and raised on Mykines. Son of the lighthouse keeper.
Hikes on the island and historic walks in the village.
Speaks Faroese, English and Scandanavian.

E-mail : valla@olivant.fo
Phone : +298 285072

Finn Danberg

Certified Faroese Guide

Guided tours on Mykines.
Bespoke tours (e.g. incl. driver guide) on Vágar.

Speaks Scandinavian and English.

Prefers contact by e-mail: finn.danberg@gmail.com
Phone: +298 512654


Experienced local guide.
Offers the classic tour of Vágar and can also tailor a tour to fit your requirements.
Experience the Faroe Islands in a authentic and intimate way.

E-mail: slod@mail.com
Phone: +298 212821

Jon S. Hansen

Local tour guide

Guided walk in the villages on Vágar. Great knowledge of history in the area.

Phone: +298 223920

Gutti & Beinir Guttesen

Local guides

Guided tours from Sørvágur out to the sea stacks Drangarnir.
Speak English and Scandinavian.

Phone: +298 223072 (Gutti) & +298 250329 (Beinir)
Booking on: https://hiking.fo/products/254/teigarnar-drangarnar

Gunnar K. Nattestad

Local guide

Hikes and guided tours in Vágar.
E.g. Hike the postmans route from Bø and Gásadalur, village path from Miðvágur to Vatnsoyrar, trøllkonufingur in Sandavágur.

E-mail: gkn@olivant.fo
Phone: +298 787826


Guided hike from Sandavágur to Slættanes

Phone: Johan Nielsen +298 215514 & Allan Nielsen +298 223426