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Hiking on Mykines

Mykines is a truly amazing place. It is without a doubt the most sacred and fragile of all the places in the Faroe Islands that people can go. It is filled with everything unspoiled nature has to offer and is one of the few Ramsar areas. If you plan to hike on Mykines we strongly recommend for you to do some reading about the puffins nesting area and Important information about Mykines before you start your adventure.

Below are some examples of hikes on the island

Puffin viewpoint by the memorial monument

Shortly after arriving on the island, after leaving the port area, you can follow the first path that goes uphill to your left. This path takes you up to the area of ​​Óli Rami and the memorial monument. 

You might lose your breath going up the hill, but it’s worth it because right there on the top that’s where you’ll meet the first puffins. Just be quiet, walk on the path and take it all inn. If you step away from the path you might risk stepping on nests or be the cause of that the puffin does not return to the nest and their pufflings. This is also the case if you linger and stay too long in one spot. 

Mykineshólmur and the lighthouse (trail closed)

Several guided hikes are offered to the puffin area and the lighthouse on the islet of Mykines.

The tour starts on the mainland of Vágar. Regardless if you choose to travel by boat or helicopter, you will pass some of the best views you will ever see.

If you wish to travel by boat, the tour starts on the harbor of Sørvágur at 10:45 when the ferry leaves for Mykines. The guide will meet you at the end of the staircase from the harbor of Mykines.

Shortly after arrival at the small village of Mykines, your adventure begins. With binoculars, lunchbox and tour guide, you will embark on a journey to the lighthouse at the end of the world. Whilst listening to the sound of sheep, birds and your tour guide, you will learn the true meaning of peacefulness.

The islet is connected to Mykines by a 40m long footbridge 30 meters over the Atlantic ocean. The hike offers some of the most tremendous views of the ocean and other islands.

The duration of the hike itself is approximately 6km and will last around 4hours, and you will therefore have some time to spend in the village of Mykines before the ferry again leaves for mainland Vágar with a departure time from Mykines at 17:00. The tour lasts for 8hrs, with travel included.

Read more about the islet here

Book your Mykines guide here or book a tour on Guide to Faroe Islands


Knúkur is the highest mountain of Mykines 560 m.. In the late 70s, this was the site of a plane crash, and traces from it can still be seen today.

Hiking to Knúkur is relatively easy and takes 4 hours. Read more here

A guide is required in order to hike in the mountains of Mykines.

Stone forrest

The stone forrest of Mykines consists of 55-meter high columns of basalt (stone). Legend says that a real forest was to be found on Mykines in the old days. Then the King of Norway wanted  people to pay taxes because they had this forest. The people lied to him and told him that there were no forests on their island. Hence the forest turned into stone.

The hike to the Stone Forest takes around 4 hours. Read more here

A guide is required in order to hike in the mountains of Mykines.