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Important information about Mykines

Due to a landslide on Mykines in October 2021, that crossed the path to the islet of Mykineshólm and the lighthouse, the path is closed until further notice. There is an imminent risk of more landslides in the area. The risk will be reviewed in June 2023. Hikes to other areas on the island are available.

Between the period of late April to late of August there is plenty of opportunity to see puffins in the monument area and on the island in general.

Hiking on Mykines

If you want to hike in Mykines, you have to pay for a tour and an approved Faroese guide. You can read more about the rules that apply for the summer season of 2023 by clicking here

Mykines is a truly amazing place. It is without a doubt the most sacred and fragile of all the places in the Faroe Islands that people can go. It is filled with everything unspoiled nature has to offer and is one of the few Ramsar areas. With thousands of wild seabirds, Puffins, Guillemots, Razorbills, Fulmars, Kittiwakes, Gannets and many many more. Not to mention alt the land-based birds that live there as well. To read more about the Puffins and bird-watching in general please follow this link 

Mykines – A Ramsar site

Ramsar is an intergovernmental treaty on protecting wetlands of global importance, including bird cliffs. Ramsar sites are to be managed sustainably, the natural environment preserved, the area utilized sensibly, and measures should be taken to protect the environment.

Because of the growing pressure from the steadily increasing number of travelers from all over the world wanting to go to this small delicate area, there have been installed some safety measures to limit the number of people going to this Ramsar area and to protect this wildlife.

Implemented rules for the area:

Sustainable tourism with regards to the immediate environment calls for limitations and therefore, the maximum number of visitors is set to 200 visitors and the time when one can venture into the outfield is set to 10:00 am to 17:00 pm. Outside these times, the outfield is to be considered closed and all travel in the outfields with visitors can only be done by consulting the landowners. Please read these guidelines.

A tour arranged by the landowner association of Mykines including hiking fee and guide costs DKK 400 (For everyone over the age of 15 yrs) if booked on hiking.fo no later than the day before arrival. It is possible to pay on arrival but then the price is DKK 500.

You can also contact a local Faroese guide yourself and make your own arrangements or contact one of the Faroese travel agencies that sell tours to Mykines. Just make sure to check with the provider if the fee is included.

Transport to and from the island is not included and must be booked separately at mykines.fo

Groups of visitors that travel to Mykines with a tour operator or other supplier, must be accompanied by an approved or certified Faroese guide.

Foreign guides without work permit in the Faroe Islands are not allowed to guide on Mykines.

For approval to guide on Mykines tour operators and others need to contact the association of landowners on Mykines.


The Locals café

The Locals café, run by Katrina Johannesen, is a representative for the landowners association.


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