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Sustainable tourism on Mykines

The association of landowners on Mykines “Hagapartarnir Mykines” and the destination management organization Visit Vágar have been working together to move the tourism on the island in a more sustainable direction. This is to protect the nature, bird and animal life and not least the people who live on the island, who are affected by the many visitors.

The work is not finished and there is still more to be done.

The association has been in contact with all the companies that sail to Mykines regarding the possibility to limit the amount of trips to the island.

The work continues to find a solution by possibly setting a daily limit of how many people are allowed on to the island and also to get an agreement about a day off from visitors.

The trail through the puffin colony “Lamba” and the trail to the lighthouse on “Mykineshólmur” are still closed. It´s only possible to walk to the fence at “Rógvu”.

Only when the Faroese geographical institution has examined the landscape where the landslide occurred will a decision be made whether or not to open. This is expected to be around the 1st of June.

On the tour in Mykines one will see all the popular destinations on the island and experience the rich bird population, breathtakingly beautiful nature and a perfect idyllic village.

The route is prearranged so that you start from the village and then make your way uphill and continue out towards “Rógvukollur” where you will have a magnificent view over the puffin and gannet colonies. Unfortunately, you cannot walk past this point. After the landslide in 2021 the area is not safe for travel.

You will pass the memorial monument. On the monument you will find the name of men who have lost their life at sea or in the mountains.

On the way back you can make a short stop at the puffin viewpoint at “Óli Rami” before the route continues along the edge “eftir eggini” where you can enjoy the fantastic view on the route above the village that will bring you to “Grótvalaportrið” and back down to the village where you can visit the viewpoint “Kumlar”.

In the village, the route is planned with respect for the daily life of the residents so that it can continue undisturbed.

The old school will be used as a visitor centre. It is undergoing renovation at the moment and will be ready for use later this summer.

Is it of great importance to respect the ownership and the right of use of the land and also to use local suppliers on the island and encourage solidarity amongst those who have responsibility of the land.

The tour along the cliff side “eftir eggini” is on private land and all the owners have given the landowners association permission to make tours with visitors on their land.

The association of landowners on Mykines have chosen to outsource the work of placing guides and other assignments to The Locals, a company run by local resident Katrina Johannesen.

Bookings and collection of payment will be managed by hiking.fo, run by “Jarðir”. The company was established in 2019 by “Bóndafelagið” and “Óðalsfelagið” with the purpose of developing tourism related products for those who manage the lands.

Sustainable tourism with regards to the immediate environment calls for limitations and therefore, the maximum number of visitors is set to 200 visitors and the time when one can venture into the outfield is set to 10:00 am to 17:00 pm. Outside these times, the outfield is to be considered closed and all travel in the outfields with visitors can only be done by consulting the landowners.

From today until the 6th of May, this applies:

The tour costs DKK 400 (For everyone over the age of 15 yrs) both booked online at hiking.fo and on arrival in Mykines.

From the 6th of May, this applies:

The tour costs DKK 400 (For everyone over the age of 15 yrs) if booked on hiking.fo no later than the day before arrival.

It is also possible to pay on arrival but then the price is DKK 500.

Transport to and from the island is not included and must be booked separately at www.mykines.fo

Groups of visitors that travel to Mykines with a tour operator or other supplier, must be accompanied by an approved or certified Faroese guide.

Foreign guides without work permit in the Faroe Islands are not allowed to guide on Mykines.

For approval to guide on Mykines tour operators and others need to contact the association of landowners on Mykines.

Towards a sustainable future