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Public tours arranged by Hiking association of Vágar

Every year the hiking association of Vágar arranges some hikes in the beautiful nature of Vágar. Everyone is welcome and the tours vary in duration and degree of difficulty.

The tours that will be arranged in 2018 are:

29th of April: from “Presttanga” to “út á oyrar” (duration 4-5h) the tour starts at 13:00

27th of Mai: “Jatnagarðar” (duration 7-8h) the tour starts at 10:00

22nd of June: Evning hike to “Norð á Munna” (duration 4-5h) the tour starts at 21:00. The 22nd of June is the longest day of the year.

22nd of July: “Malinstindur” (duration 4-5h) the tour starts at 13:00

26th of August: “Reynsatindur” (duration 4-5h) the tour starts at 13:00

15th of September: “Vørðufelli” (duration 4-5h) the tour starts at 13:00

If the tour is cancelled from our side, for example due to bad weather, the full amount will be refunded. Be aware that this can happen up to the very last moment, as we cannot predict or control the unsteady weather on the islands.


The cost is 50dkk pr tour

Or 200dkk in membership fee pr year for members of the association.


Contact us for more information about the tours and/or for membership at vagar@visitvagar.fo