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Sightseeing by car - Visit Vagar
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Sightseeing by car

Tour with local guide or local taxi to two of the most unique sights on Vágar

Two of the definite must see’s of Vágar are the beautiful little village of Bøur with the amazing view of the islet of Tindhólmur and the famous waterfall “Múlafossur” in Gásadalur.

The public busses do not drive to Bøur and Gásadalur

And it is illegal to walk though the tunnels in the Faroe Islands.

This leaves you with only two options to get to Gásadalur. The first is to walk over the mountain – and back over the mountain. This is a medium hard hike and if you want to do this please follow our link on hiking.

The other option is by car.

If you have a rental car – that is good.

If not – this page is for you!

We offer tours with local guide or local taxi with pick up anywhere on Vágar. The guide will drive you to Bøur, have a look at the village, beach and view – then drive you to Gásadalur to see the village and the magnificent Múlafossur, and the drop off anywhere on Vágar.

Slóð does theses tours, and some local taxi companies can do them as well.

The price for this tour will be around 300-500dkk

One of the providers also does a 2,5hours tour to Saksun for up to 4 people for the cost of about 500dkk/person.

Contact us for more information and/or booking on vagar@visitvagar.fo


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