The Shepherd of Sondum

The shepherd of Sondum is a man of legend. One day he was out on horseback to tend to his sheep, he happened upon a dress on a big rock by lake Fjallavatn. It’s pearls were shining in the sun. He took the dress and started to make his way back home. Little did he know that the dress belonged to a giant. When the giant went out to get the dress she noticed that it was gone. When she scanned the horizon she saw the shepherd. The giant, who was crippled, shouted across the lake to her sister “sister, sister, the shepherd stole my dress. My legs are crippled and I cannot run.”

Her sister ran to chase the shepherd. When the shephers stopped by a stream to get water he noticed the giant was chasing him, and quickly got back onto his horse and galloped away. When he had passed Miðvágur the giant had gotten so close that she caught the horses tail and tore it off. When he came to the village of Sandavágur the shepherd turned his horse towards the church cause knew the giant couldn’t step on holy ground. When he got to the church he threw himself off the horse, but the giant got a hold of the dress. She pulled and pulled until the dress tore and the shepherd was left with only a sleeve. The sleeve, however, was so big that it could be made into a clergymans cloak. The cloak is still worn by the minister in the church of Sandavágur.

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