Winter on Mykines

Winter time is offseason for Mykines. During the winter it is not possible to do day tours to Mykines. The ferry doesnt sail during the winter and the only connection is the helicopter that has an all year schedule and flights 4 times a week to the island when the weather permits. A visit to Mykines this time of the year requires overnight stays and the chance of the helicopter cancelling due to weather is high. Most houses are closed for the winter and are not available for renting, therefore the accommodation possibilities are also limited. The café is closed as well.

Most of the birds have migrated for the winter. If you are hoping to see puffins, they can only be seen from late April to late August/early September. The puffin spends its winter on the waves of the North Atlantic Ocean.

We are not saying that a visit to Mykines is impossible during the winter, it is still a beautiful season, the views are magnificent and grand, but one just has to be very well prepared and more flexible when it comes to planning compared to the summer time.

In the shoulder season in the months of April and September the ferry sails three times a week. The privately run smaller boats also do some tours during this time of the year.

The summer season is from the beginning of May until end of August. During this time there are several departures to Mykines from Sørvágur by boat.