Frequently asked quesitons

Question: Is it mandatory to pay the hiking fee in Mykines?

Answer: No, if you stay on the public paths, which are located in the infields, then it is not necessary to pay the fee. The infields are marked on the Mykines sign that is located at the harbour in Sørvágur, and on the island.

If you wish to hike in the outfield in Mykines, where most of the puffins are located, you need to be accompanied by a certified Mykines guide. You can either pay the local hiking fee, which includes a public guided tour, or book a certified private guide, which includes the hiking fee in the price. 

Q: Is it necessary to pay the fee beforehand?

A: No, you are also able to pay the fee on the island. But if you pay beforehand, you can get a discount on the price. Read more about payment here.

Q: Is the path to the lighthouse closed?

A: The path to the lighthouse is closed during the summer months (May-September). Outside this period, you can request to hike in the area here

Q: How can I get out to Mykines?

A:  There are various methods to get out to Mykines, you can read about the different options here.

Q: Is it possible to make a daytrip to Mykines in September or April?

A: Yes, you can check out the various day tours to Mykines here.

Q: Is it possible to hike in the evening in Mykines?

A: Yes, but only accompanied by a certified Mykines guide, who will guide you in the non-restricted areas. 

Q:  Is there any regular ferry connection to Mykines during the winter months?

A: No. The ferry only has regular connection during summer months (May-August), and they do have limited connection to the island in September, autumn and in April. Please keep updated on their website

Private boat operators do some daytours to the island in the winter months, you can browse the different options here.

Q: When is the best chance to see puffins on Mykines?

A: Best possibilities to see puffins on land is from mid May until end of August. Puffins are seabirds, and they live on the sea. Hence they only come to land to nest.

Q: When will the path to the lighthouse in Mykines open again? 

A: The path to the lighthouse in Mykines is closed in the summer months. This is the period when the puffins are nesting. The path to the lighthouse goes through their nesting area, and they need to be undisturbed in order to feed their pufflings. But there are lots of puffins to see on the hike to the viewpoint á Rógvu where the guided hikes take you, and you will have a wonderful view to the lighthouse. 

Q: Is it possible to camp in Mykines?

A: Yes. The Locals manage the camping area in Mykines. Please note, that it is not allowed to camp in the outfield in the Faroe Islands without landowners' permission. 

Q: If I arrive with helicopter, will I be able to attend the guided hike? 

A: If you arrive with helicopter, please make a note in your hiking fee order.