Drones (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) 

In general, flying drones in the Faroe Islands is permitted, provided ALL the following conditions are met:

  • Drones MUST NOT be flown within 150 metres of a village, town or city or within 150 metres of main roads that connect villages
  • Drones MUST NOT be flown within a 5-kilometre radius of Vágar Airport (see the map above)
  • Drones MUST NOT be flown above summerhouses or camping areas, or in places where many people are gathered, e.g. at festivals
  • Drones MUST NOT be flown above 100 meters from the ground
  • Drones MUST be insured
  • Drones are NOT allowed on Mykines.
  • Drones must NOT be operated within protected Ramsar-areas (Mykines, Nólsoy & Skúvoy). (Bekendtgørelse for Færøerne om supplerende bestemmelser til bekendtgørelse for Færøerne om regler og procedurer for operation af ubemandede luftfartøjer §13)
  • Drones most NOT be flown near animal populations, including bird populations.

Please respect nature, wildlife and the privacy of people.

Aviation rules and regulations in the Faroe Islands are overseen by the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority, if you want a dispensation to fly drone in these areas, you need a permit. 

For more information about the use of drones in the Faroe Islands, please visit the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority’s website or read the law, in Danish, here.