Best weather for Mykines

First of all, we always recommend you to go to Mykines at the beginning of your journey because it is possible to be stuck on Mykines due to bad weather. Furthermore, we recommend you to have alternative plans if the conditions are too bad to moor at Mykines.

The harbour in Mykines is a natural one and is located at a place where the sea is very rough. Therefore, it can be very difficult to moor on Mykines. Cancelations of the boat are therefore not uncommon. The weather we cannot control, and cancelations can be up until the very last minute. This is also the reason that the boat only sails in the months with best weather (April-September).

Cancellations due to weather conditions

When booking your ticket on the ferry to Mykines, please make sure to list correct contact information so that you can receive information about cancellation and changes. All cancellations are announced on the companies website and an email sent to all email addresses listed in the bookings. 

If you have already paid hiking fee on Mykines read terms and conditions here.

Same if the helicopter cancels due to weather, customers get a full refund, but if you book the helicopter one way and the boat the other way, and the boat is canceled, there will be no refund for the helicopter trip. Cancellations for the helicopter must be made at least 24 hours before departure.