Sandavágs kirkja

The church of Sandavágur was built during world war 1. The building started in 1914, and the church was ready to use 3rd Sunday after Easter, 29th April, 1917. 

The church of Sandavágur is the oldest Faroese church that is both designed and built of Faroe islanders.

Architect Magnus Jacobsen both made the blueprints and supervised the building. The magnificent colourscheme was made by Petur Alberg.

August 10th 1891, an altarpiece was given to the church, and it is still the same one hanging in the church today. Lucie Ingemann (1792-1868) painted the alterpiece, which is estimated to be around 150 years old.

Seven smaller paintings are decorating the back wall of the church. These were painted by Kristin í Geil, and are based on older paintings that belonged to the church.

The runic stone that was found in the village is on display in the church. 

Opening hours summer of 2023, May 16th - September 16th: Monday - Friday: 14 - 16

Admission of DKK 20,- per person (only for groups) is to be paid in cash on site. Groups need to book beforehand by contacting Lilja S. Joensen, phone no. +298 25 76 00, e-mail: