Trøllkonufingur, which means the witch’s finger or troll woman’s finger, is a 313 m (1026 feet) tall monolith on the south-east side of the village Sandavágur.

Legend has it, that Trøllkonufingur is the finger of a witch that came to throw the Faroe Islands to Iceland. When she came to the sea south of Vágar, the sun came up and she was turned into stone and fell into the ocean.

She was so big that when she reached the bottom of the sea, the back of her head and her finger were above the surface. The back of her head is the island of Koltur, and the finger is Trøllkonufingur.

It is said that in 1844 a member of the Danish royal entourage climbed Trøllkonufingur. At the top he waved to Crown Prince Frederik, as he sailed past it. As climbing down, he realized that he had left one of his gloves at the top. He decided to climb up again to get it. Having just climbed it the first time he was tired and stumbled and fell into his death.

Only 11 people are known to have reached the top, the newest successful climb was in 2016. (Dated in 2022)

Please note: 

Driving on the old road to Trøllkonufingur monolith is only allowed for plot owners. 

Visitors are therefore kindly asked to park their car down in the village or in the parking area before the old road to Trøllkonufingur starts. 

It takes approx. 20 minutes to walk the route which is 1,4 km. (each way)

Sign on the way to Trøllkonufingur