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Due to a landslide in Mykines this winter, that crossed the path to the lighthouse, the path to the lighthouse will be closed this year. There is a risk of more landslides in the area, therefore it is not safe to go past the memorial monument at the moment. There is still plenty of opportunity to see puffins in the monument area and on the island in general.

Hiking fee

If you want to hike in Mykines, you can pay the hiking-fee online via hiking.fo, or by creditcard or cash at The Locals café in Mykines upon arrival.

(The closed off path – Picture: Oda Andreasen)

(The closed off path – Picture: Oda Andreasen)

The village of Mykines

Mykines is the only village on the island by the same name. Although there are more than 40 houses in the village there are only 11 permanent residents. Furthermore, for 8 months per year their only way out is by helicopter. With no grocery shop being on the island, the islanders also rely on the helicopter to bring provisions to last them through the long winter.

However, during the four months in summertime when the ferry sails out twice a day, Mykines turns into a vibrant village that is bursting with life. It is a popular holiday destination for travelers from the mainland, and during summertime the number of residents drastically increases.

Hiking and Sightseeing in Mykines

Mykines is a truly amazing place. It is without a doubt the most sacred and fragile of all the places in the Faroe Islands that people can go. It is filled with everything unspoiled nature has to offer and is one of the few Ramsar areas (areas of special wetland conservation). With thousands of wild seabirds, Puffins, Guillemots, Razorbills, Fulmars, Kittiwakes, Gannets and many many more. Not to mention all the land-based birds that live there as well. Puffins and bird watching are the main attraction on Mykines. Here you can book a variety of guided tours on Mykines.

Because of the growing pressure from the steadily increasing number of travelers from all over the world wanting to go to this small, delicate area, there has been installed safety measures to minimize the disturbing and protect the wildlife.

In addition to this there are also a variety of sightseeing spots on the island.

Transport and Accommodation

If you are considering visiting Mykines we always recommend you to go in the beginning of your journey. Because it is possible to be stuck on Mykines because of weather. This rarely happens, but it always happens a few times every year. It is also recommended that you familiarize yourself with the weather conditions on Mykines.

During high season there are two options for transport to Mykines: helicopter or boat. Regarding accommodation in Mykines, there are a few options available. To read more about these follow the respective links.

Do and About

The main attraction on Mykines is the guided hike to the islet Mykineshólmur, a much loved tourist attraction. The eventful journey to the islet will take you through steep climbs, a walk through an area highly populated with puffins, to the lighthouse at the end of the world. As a new offer from may 2019 we offer the Mykines Sunset and Puffin tour – a tranquil experience with a local guide.

On Mykines there are two Café’s that offer light snacks, meals and beverages. It is also possible to pre-order a breakfast or packed lunch.

One of Faroe Islands most renowned artists, Sámal Joensen-Mikines, was also born and lived most of his life on the island of Mykines, as well as some legends are attached to the Island, The three gifts for Mykines being the most famous one.


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