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Transport to Mykines

We recommend that you visit Mykines at the beginning of your trip to the Faroe Islands because it is possible to be detained on the island by weather. This rarely happens, but can never be ruled out completely. For information about the weather conditions please follow this link

When visiting by boat you’ll enjoy a spectacular sightseeing trip of the islet Tindhólmur and Drangarnir.

There are two ways of getting to Mykines:

By sea:


In the summer – from May 1. until August 31. the ferry “M/F Jósup” sails to Mykines twice a day

– when weather conditions allowCancellations will be announced on the company website and by email.

For more information about timetable and booking, please visit: mykines.fo

RIB boat

Day tours by RIB boat are also arranged twice a day.

For more information timetable and booking, please visit: guidetofaroeislands.fo

Cancellations due to weather conditions
If your tour is cancelled due to weather conditions you will always receive a full refund from the provider. 


By air

The Helicopter has an all year round timetable – if the weather allows.

The main purpose of the helicopter is public transport of locals and goods to and from the islands. This is the reason for the relatively low prizes – the helicopter is funded by the Faroese tax-payers. Hence, visitors are not recommended to do trips with the helicopter. If you want a helicopter trip, we recommend the weekly roundtrip that Atlantic Airways has scheduled here, where you get a guided tour to see many of our top attractions.

There are only 12 seats in the helicopter, and it is therefore very important to book these seats in advance. The helicopter can be booked up to seven days in advance on: Atlantic Airways Helicopters

You should be aware of the fact that if you book the helicopter one way and the boat the other way, and the boat is canceled, there will be no refund for the helicopter trip. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before departure.



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