Did you know? 

Did you know that Mykines is the only place on the Faroe Islands where gannets nest? Or that Gásadalur was the last village that got a road connection?

Here is a list of interesting things you probably don’t know about Vágar and Mykines

Did you know that:

  • Vágar and Mykines are the westernmost islands on the Faroe Islands
  • During the Second World War, when the British military occupied the Faroe Islands, Vágar was their main location. Approximately 1500 faroese and 8000 brits lived on the island during the war
  • When the brits occupied Vágar, alot of people moved to Mykines
  • Vatnsoyrar is the only village on Faroe Islands that isn’t coastal
  • Vágar has two of the largest lakes on the Faroe Islands
  • Many houses in the Faroe Islands (and Vágar and Mykines) have grass roofs. Sheep – not mowing machines – are used for mowing the grass!
  • There are no traffic lights on Vágar, and no cars on Mykines
  • The only airport on the Faroe Islands is on Vágar. The location was chosen by the brits during ww2
  • Vágar is one of only two entry gates to the Faroe Islands, the other being the ferry terminal in Tórshavn
  • The only person on the Faroe Islands to be nominated for a Grammy Award, Greta Svabo Bech, is from Miðvágur
  • Vágar was the first island to get a subsea tunnel connecting it to the mainland
  • There are people of approximately 20 nationalities living on Vágar
  • Mykines only has a ferry connection from April to end of September. Every day from May 1st to August 31st and once a day three times a week in the months of April and September.

Quick facts

Vágar and Mykines are the two westernmost islands of the Faroe Islands.

Vágar: 177,16 km²,  Mykines: 10km.

Highest peak: Vágar: Árnafjall, 722m (2368ft), Mykines: Knúkur, 560m (1837ft).

Population on Vágar: 3430, Mykines: 16 (Year 2023).

Municipalities on Vágar and Mykines: Vága kommuna and Sørvágs kommuna.