Nature and environment

Ask people you meet on Vágar and Mykines about nature, and you will most likely get a longer answer than you expected. Mountains and valleys, streams and gorges, coastline and sea. Nature is highly valued here.

Situated in the middle of the North Atlantic, the islands are made to sustain the forces of nature, and this becomes visible in the rugged landscapes. The wind will brush off the mountains, and the rain quickly finds its way back to the sea. Being subject to the elements is also the explanation for the differences you will see as you explore the nature: One cliff might be completely empty, the next one beaming with life.

Nature can’t be escaped when you visit Vágar and Mykines. It is all around you. It’s what you see as soon as you step outside, it’s what you feel when the wind brushes your hair, and it is what you hear in every birdsong. Complete tranquility.

Let's step outside

Different ways to explore our nature