In old Faroese folklore and legends Huldufólk play a significant role. Huldufólk are grey dark-haired hidden people or elves; supernatural beings that reside in, beneath or behind the rocks and mounds. Huldufólk can use their psychological power to lure and trick people and gain power over them.

Huldufólk dislike churches, daylight and electricity. Therefore, the danger of Huldufólk is higher in the outfields and in short sight such as darkness and/or fog. Faroe Islands are, as you might know, very often cloaked in fog as well as the daylight is very limited in the winter season. Hence, under these circumstances it is very important to be careful about the Huldufólk.


There are several legends about Huldufólk at the lake Leitisvatn/Sørvágsvatn. On the way from Miðvágur to Sørvágur, there was a Huldu-mound. One day, a Huldu-woman asked a priest to come inside. There were supposed to be many Huldufólk inside. When leaving, the priest, who knew how to practice witchcraft, made sure to seal the mound so that it could not be opened again. There was said to be both moaning and wailing within.