The Nix in the lake Sørvágsvatn / Leitisvatn

A nix is a water creature which is able to transform into many shapes. Most often to trick humans to take them with him back in the water. The only thing that will help you if caught by a nix is to call his name.

One tale tells a story of the Nix. It was one day when children from Sørvágur had gone down to the lake to play, they happened upon a beautiful horse. Two of the older children jumped onto its back, and the horse began to trot towards the lake. The younges of the children, who was too small to be able to jump up, was jealous and wanted to go with them. He shouted to his brother Nick who was on the horse and asked him to wait for him. Being young and unable to pronounce his brothers name, he shouted “brother Nix, brother Nix, wait for me.” Upon hearing his name, the nix transformed back into his original shape and jumped into the lake, and the children were saved.

Another tale tells the story of a clergyman who was on his way from Miðvágur to Sørvágur. On his way he met a beautiful woman who was sitting on a rock, combing her hair. The clergyman immediately knew it was the nix, and took a pebble in his hand and threw it towards the nix. The stone turned into a big rock. He then starting chanting at him, and told him to go into the rock. The nix has not been seen since. The rock can still be seen close to the village Vatnsoyrar. If you put your ear against it, you can still hear the nix begging to get out…

In November 2017 a statue of the Nix was unveiled in the lake of Sørvágsvatn/Leitisvatn. Local sculptor and artist Pól Skarðenni built the statue. Skarðenni lives in the village of Vatnsoyrar and is especially known for his landscape and nature paintings. 

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