At the heart of Vágar cultural life stands Listastovan in the village of Miðvágur, a mesmerizing venue that serves as a dynamic hub for art enthusiasts offering an enticing medley of - just to name a few - concerts, plays, exhibitions and communal dining for locals together with new residents from different cultures. 

The Old School in Sørvágur is where traditional charm meets musical brilliance. From September until June The Old School holds monthly concerts on the last weekend of each month. This historic venue transports you through soulful melodies and intimate performances. Lose yourself in the captivating tones of local artists and let them take you on a musical journey.

Experience the magic of a series of enchanting living room concerts when Húsagongd an extraordinary event in the picturesque village of Sandavágur takes place one Saturday in May. Intimate settings become stages for talented musicians to weave heartfelt stories through their music. Let the melodies resonate with your soul as you connect with the warmth and hospitality of the Faroese people. 

In June, Sørvágur really comes alive with the annual foot-tapping rhythms of the Country and Blues Festival. An unforgettable weekend where world-class and local talents unite to celebrate these beloved genres. The air is filled with soulful tunes, and the atmosphere is charged with infectious energy. So grab your cowboy hat and dancing shoes - this is a celebration of music like no other!

The regional village festival Vestanstevna takes place in mid July where you can experience the national rowing competition and blend in with the locals and experience local hospitality.

September brings the exhilarating Faroe Islands Most Beautiful Half Marathon. Join in and be prepared to be awestruck by the breathtaking vistas along the route, stretching from the charming village of Gásadalur to the historic village of Sandavágur. This event attracts hundreds of runners, both local and from around the world, making it a truly unique and unforgettable experience.