Family friendly Vágar

No need to worry if you are traveling with children because there are plenty of things to do to keep them busy outdoors on Vágar. 

All the villages have good playgrounds and both large and small football fields. Sandy beaches, streams and ponds where you can either row or catch small fish or even swim. Several fjord areas are ideal for catching small crabs. In addition, there are also tree parks where they can run around. For longer walks in the nature there are also family friendly hikes in the area such as the route to Trøllkonufingur, hiking the trail to Bøsdalafossur, the route following the old cairns from the village of Miðvágur to Vatnsoyrar, or to the lake Fjallavatn where it is easy for children to walk and no heights. Some of the boat tours are also suited for small children, especially the tour to Neverland.