Hiking on Mykines

To experience Mykines and venture into its fragile nature it is mandatory to be accompanied by an approved Faroese guide and pay a hiking fee to the landowner´ association of Mykines. There are several excellent Faroese tour operators that offer tours on Mykines. Amongst these are the landowners themselves that offer a tour including the mandatory local guide and fee. This tour can be found at hiking.fo 

One can also make own arrangements with an approved Faroese guide to get a more tailored experience.

The most common route is to start the trip with a visit uphill to the area of ​​Óli Rami and to the memorial monument, where the first opportunity arises to see puffins up close. Then continue to viewpoint á Rógvu where there is a great view of the puffin colony í Lamba, bird cliffs and lighthouse on Mykineshólmur. It is not possible to hike to the lighthouse therefore this viewpoint is the furthest you can go. Turning back the route goes along the edge north of the village to enjoy the great views and bird cliffs there before going down to the village. After exploring the village continue to the viewpoint Kumlar close to the bay.  

If you want a more tailored experience and hike further into the outfields and away from the crowds, there are guides who can take you to e.g., viewpoint Norðara Nesgjóv, Knúkur and Stone Forest.

Please note you are not allowed to venture off by yourself without a Faroese approved guide. 

Day tours to Mykines

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