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Mikladal - Húsar

  • The view from the ferry while we sail from Klaksvík to Syðradalur on the island of Kalsoy. Here we look up along the east side of the island. The village on the left is Húsar. The village path from the village Mikladalur begins in the large valley furthest away, where we can just glimpse a few houses. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • The beautiful view on the eastern side up in the valley Lítlidalur, down on the village Mikladalur with its steep cliffs down to the sea. Down at the end of the stairs down to the sea, we can just glimpse Kópakonan - the statue of the seal woman. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • View of the valley Ritudal. Below us is part of the large gorge Ritudalsgjógv. On the other side of the strait the island of Kunoy. In the distant background is Klakkur - the mountain above the town of Klaksvík. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • It is cozy down by the river in the valley Ritudali, close to the place Svínastall and the knoll Ritudalsheyggj. On the other side of the strait, the northern end of the island of Kunoy - the high island with the steep mountains. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • View from Bustin, south of the valley Ritudalur. The cliffs south and north of the village Mikladalur. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • On the path between the gorge Lunnarsgjógv and the valley Hattardalur. At the top we see the mountain Hattardalstindur with its impressive steep cliffs. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
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A peaceful trip across five valleys with a beautiful view of mighty mountains and rock ledges.

The start takes place in Mikladal, by the large bend in Sevgrøv right outside the village where the shortcut runs up to Lítladal. The path is part of a 14.5km long route between Syðradal and Trøllanes, which usually takes 4.5 hours to walk. The route was much used because both Trøllanes and Mikladal are high surf areas, meaning that they were often not approachable via boat during long periods of time.


The path is decent and visible most of the route. The area in which the path is not visible is during the walk across Ritudal and Villingadal.  


It is stunning to hike up out of Mikladal as this gives you a fantastic view of the village below, Nestindar 788-meters above, and the eastward cliffs. On the other side of the fjord, you will see the island of Kunoy, which is known for having several high and steep mountains. When you look down at the bedrock below the village, you will vaguely see the statue of Kópakona (selkie lady).


It will feel like a quick and easy walk south towards Ritudal. Once in Ritudal, you will walk down the valley along the bendy shortcut; the visibility of the path makes it apparent how much the track has been used. 


Down in the valley by the large hill is an old-money hole with a sign saying, 'Good cause'. It is said that back in the day, those who walked past with loose change would toss it into the hole. However, it is unclear who distributed the money, who donated and who emptied the hole. 


Out of Ritudal, you will walk south through Bustin to Villingadal and further south around the valley, south in Lundurðarnar. There you can see two paths in Lundurðurnar. Take care that you take the upper path to arrive at Lunnarsgjógv, the mark between Mikladal and Húsar. 
With a beautiful view up towards honourable Hattardalstind, standing at 644-meters, you walk the last stretch from Lunnarsgjógv south into Hattardal, where the path merges onto the main road. 

Mikladal - Húsar
Húsar - Mikladal

Mikladal - Húsar 
Bus drives to and from the ferry dock: 

There are several significant parking areas in Mikladalur, including the one by the notice sign above the village (the green line). You must walk over to the path from there—refer to the blue arrows. Two fences are above the road, those you will have to climb over.  

Húsar - Mikladal

Mikladal - Húsar
Húsar - Mikladal

Mikladal - Húsar

Húsar - Mikladal


path icon
1h 20m


path icon
4 km


hilltop peak icon
266 m


family icon
201 m


family icon Yes, 8+
difficulty icon Medium -
terrain icon Some areas are missing a path, for example, to the north of Lundurðarnar, which is pretty steep. In Bergkøtlum, north of Lundurðarnar, and by Lunnarsgjógv, you will end up walking close to the edge, with the sea below. However, the distance from the edge is large enough not to frighten anyone. Some fences without gates or ladders will require you to climb over.
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