The picturesque village of Gásadalur with its 13 inhabitants lies at the west part of Vágar. (Population dated 2023) 

Reaching Gásadalur is an adventure in itself. It was not possible to drive to Gásadalur before 2005, making it a secluded haven untouched by modern intrusions. Today, a tunnel connects Gásadalur to the neighboring village of Bøur, offering visitors a convenient passage while maintaining the village's tranquility. As you traverse the tunnel, the anticipation of the majestic Múlafossur awaits you on the other side, a destination that rewards travelers with a sense of awe and wonder. The Múlafossur waterfall isn't just a sight to behold; it's a paradise for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike. The contrasts between the weathered cliffs, the verdant landscapes, and the waterfall that falls into the ocean is a dream come true for those seeking to capture the raw beauty of the Faroe Islands.

Whether it's the ethereal mist that rises from the crashing waves, the golden hues of a sunrise or sunset casting their magic, or the ever-changing weather playing with the light, each snapshot is a testament to the beauty of Múlafossur.

The main lookout point by the waterfall, only a 5 minutes walk from the village, offers a breathtaking view both towards the village and the close-by Mykines island.

Please respect the environment around the waterfall! 

Respect the signage and please stick to the clear paths and do not step outside fences and markings. The terrain around the waterfall is very steep and dangerous. Please drive carefully and park your car in the marked parking area and walk the rest of the way over to the waterfall. It's only a 5 minutes walk!

Do not drive on the turf!